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Our transport services

QPL Transport offers moving services and transportation at the highest quality to a competitive price. We take care of your move from Sweden to Spain or Portugal and we also carry out transports to and from other European countries. With experienced staff and a modern fleet, you as a customer can make sure that your belongings arrive at the right place, at the right time. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.


MOVING | your moving company to Spain and Portugal

When you need a moving company that you can fully trust, QPL Transport is the company to take care of your relocation. We take care of your move between Scandinavia and Spain / Portugal and also your local move within Spain.


> TRANSPORT | your logistics partner

For those in need of safe and reliable transport between Sweden and Spain / Portugal or locally within Spain. Locally, we offer, for example, home delivery of your purchase from IKEA Málaga.

QPL values

 Always with the customer’s best in focus

 Environmentally friendly transport at competitive prices

 The right delivery at the right time at the right place

 Responsibility all the way

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